Black Lives Matter 2020

Nationwide, we continue to bear witness to the actual murders of Black men, women, and children rooted in hate and supremacist ideals dating back centuries.

Seemingly, declaring that "Black Lives Matters" is offensive to self-preserving people who do not embrace the basic premise of human rights, equality, equity, liberty, and justice as entitlements deserving of Black people. It also sets an anti-Black tone that lacks awareness and empathy.

It is crucial to listen to understand that when we say "Black Lives Matter," we affirm our right to employment, housing, quality health care, competitive education, and police protection, legal representation, and due process of the law.

Instead, we are often marginalized and subjected to inhumane treatment from peers, law enforcement, and other professions, affiliations, associations. Most recently, witnessing the senseless death of George Floyd as a result of cruel and savage police brutality (aggression and deadly force).

So, pardon me as I defend my right to be Black and empowered in America ("and anywhere else") without persecution. I stand firm with the Black Community, and its allies who stand against racial abuse and discrimination, to decry "Enough!"

I stand firm to demand police reform and oversight to ensure that our communities receive service with the intent and purpose of safety, order, and protection without abuse and degeneration from law enforcement or skin color discrimination. Furthermore, I will hold myself accountable if I fall short of being an example of leadership doing my part to help sustain and move the community forward to a point where we can all live in peace.

Breaking News: Black Lives do Matter, have always mattered, and will continue to matter whether others agree with our self-respect or not.

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