You Are Still In Control of What You Can Control

Life events often give reason to pause, process, and decide how and when we should move forward with goals. And here we are once again indulging in life's box of chocolate against our will trying to figure out "next steps."

There's no doubt the development of the Coronavirus COVID- 19 has much of the world on edge with worry about the unknown. One would have to exist in an alternate universe, not to be mentally stressed.

Nevertheless, uncertainty is sweeping the nation amid an overwhelming cache of information, reports, and updates. However, not enough to quell the anxiety that's causing panic-shopping and social conflict, at a time when we are encouraged to practice social distancing for the health and welfare of everyone. Charge it to survival instinct and hope things get better in the weeks to come.

In the meantime, your goals shouldn't stop for a situation that is beyond your control. No excuses. Figure out solutions to shift and order your steps to persevere wisely and safely. Be patient with what you can control. Be vigilant and responsible. Keep the faith and belief in self.

Hold the vision and trust the process. Keep going. Proceed with caution, self-care, self-love, unbreakable strength, and a winner's attitude. You got this! - Sonya Harris

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