Thriving Survivor

Living in the aftermath of Domestic Violence (DV) means co-existing with instability and healthy optimism.

Embrace and understand reality means connecting with one’s higher self to start the healing and recovery in the aftermath of domestic violence. Transitioning begins with letting go of the past and making space for the better that you deserve. Think of it as a blank canvas to invent the “thriving survivor” version of yourself.

Recovering from DV is not a smooth process. But staying on your path will be worth the tears and every ounce of courage needed to push through. Don’t give up. Don’t stop ordering your steps forward. Lean on faith and others that want to see you bloom in spirit, growth, and self-worth.

Strive to journey toward SELF-LOVE and triumph by all means necessary.

– Sonya Harris, 9+ years removed and counting!

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