It's All On You, Inspired by Martin Luther King, Jr.

"Don't allow anybody to make you feel like you are nobody." Martin Luther King Jr.

AS I ALWAYS SAY, keep moving forward. Let nothing or no one stop you.

No matter how hard they try to break you, block your blessings, talk down on your name, doubt you, envy you, malign you, steal from you, use you, abuse you, judge you, demean you, deprive you, discourage you.

Your life's vision, mission, purpose, mental and physical wherewithal, strength and resilience - IT'S ALL ON YOU.

Your Will, your hopes, your dreams, your desire to win, your courage to stay up, your faith, your TRUTH. It's ALL ON YOU.

Not a tribe, circle, clique or crew...JUST YOU and YOUR LIFE'S "BLUEPRINT".

Fly, run, skip, walk, tip-toe, or crawl if you have to...just keep moving forward with your arrow until you get to your Promise Land.>>>>

👐This post was inspired by the incomparable Martin Luther King's Jr.👐

Be light,

Sonya Harris

Martin Luther King, Jr. Human Rights Awareness Day 2018

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