Make The Call

Domestic Violence Awareness Month comes once a year. Some form of Intimate Partner Violence (IPV), violence against children, the elderly, and or cruelty to animals happens almost daily. Many incidents go unreported.

Raising Domestic Violence awareness during October heightens attention around a pandemic that is in dire need of legislative measures to prevent and deter reoccurrences, and also provides support and resources for victims and survivors. With that said, I sincerely believe the abuser holds the power to STOP INTENTIONAL verbal, physical, emotional, mental, sexual, spiritual, manipulative, and financial abuse. Although some might disagree and think a victim simply walking away solves the problem. Well, sadly it doesn't. Abuse of some form continues, and the likelihood of death intensifies. In addition, judicial leniency, undermining, and conscious corruption empowers and enables abusers to continue their path of self destruction and destroying lives.

Studies report Domestic Violence victims increase their risk of being murdered when they try to, or decide to leave an abusive relationship. Therefore, the cost of freedom, dignity, peace, and safety is ironically a health risk.

However, domestic violence AWARENESS, knowledge, research, statistics, resources, and support could EMPOWER friends, families, advocates, survivors, and victims to make a positive and beneficial difference, and save lives.

So, please listen without judgment. Help and understand with compassion. And, more importantly don't think it can't happen to you. That's what I thought. But it happened to me before I knew it was happening.

If Domestic Violence happens to you in public and or behind closed doors, think safety and "MAKE THE CALL" that could save your life.

Victoriously yours, Sonya Harris October 31, 2017

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