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Summer 2017 is in full season.

The sun shines high, rain washes the earth from time to time and cools down the day to make way for a restful night of slumber.

Although the warm weather is short-lived in New England, it's still a welcoming distraction given that Winter can sometimes overstay its welcome - in my book.

It's common for Summer to naturally derail our focus from goal-driven initiatives. Wo would turn down a day at the beach to sit behind a desk pushing paper all day? Certainly, not I. But a healthy compromise would be to change the setting and scenery of your workspace, within reason.

Below is a short list of tips that might keep you on track to accomplish a goal.


1) Change the view: Instead of sitting behind the desk, pack a lunch, lawn chair, umbrella and take up residency on a beach shore with paper, pen, and other resources at your disposal.

2) Catch the worm: Early to rise, early to bed, could make for a productive day.

3) Organize and prioritize according to deadlines and targeted outcomes.

4) Accountability partner. It never hurts to partner with someone who has similar goals and drive.

5) Self-care is a-must. Rest. Relax. Unwind. Travel short trips. Exercise. REPEAT.

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