Appropriation for Profit Gone Offensively Wrong

This image depicts what controlling the narrative and appropriation for profit looks like.

The backlash against Pepsi's use of celebrity Kendall Jennings (by the way, I love her fashion sense) to promote world unity, has effectively put the focus back on the matter of equality, justice, and the right to protest. Exactly where it belongs.

Civil Rights Activist, Ieisha Evans, is pictured on the right. She is a mom and nurse who traveled from New York to Baton Rouge, LA (7/11/2016) to stand against police brutality, a right protected under the First Amendment of free speech. It is disheartening to witness her contribution to human rights be trivialized for the mighty dollar.

Unfortunately, Kendall Jenner is a casualty of Pepsi's misstep. However, her consent inadvertently uncovered the fact she has NEVER BEEN VISIBLY ACTIVE IN ANY life, health, women's, social justice and equality movements in the country. This is one time Kendall's advisers should have said, "No thanks. Kendall has NO history of justice or peace keeping efforts. She'll pass."

Click here for story.

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