April is Child Abuse Prevention & Sexual Assault Awareness Month

Children are defenseless and vulnerable to abusers. No one should live in fear and at risk of being assaulted.

20% of children will be sexually abused before their 8th birthday.

90% of child victims know their abusers (family members, (most often fathers, step fathers, uncles, boyfriends), teachers, priests, sports coaches, etc.

When children talk, listen. When they show signs of abuse, investigate through proper support channels. And, know that "inconclusive" does NOT mean nothing happened.

Consent is permission. BUT "No" means no. Teach children that it's not okay for people they know and strangers to touch their body. It is not okay for people to assault them orally. Encourage them to tell somebody. Document everything. One day justice will prevail.

Individuals have a right to change their mind. Hear their voice. Respect their body. Respect their choice.

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