Do Domestic Violence Victims & Survivors Really Matter?

February 1, 2017

Amid my owl hours of writing, I took a break to peruse online news reports to keep abreast of current events and to gauge the world social climate in general.  As was expected, the immigration ban is still trending on all social and political fronts. However, I paused with a disturbing EPIPHANY: There has been  no battle cry for Domestic Violence Victims and Survivors and Homelessness in America.


Domestic violence is a leading cause of homelessness for women and their children. Many victims face homelessness when they flee abusive homes. Their experiences are confounded by economic instability, often perpetuated by abusers Source:  


Our experiences are ALSO confounded by lack of awareness/protests, waning funds, resources, and support services that are barely available to mitigate the burden of (SAFELY) starting over, in some cases with just the clothes on backs.


There's no reliable, consistent support, resources, no mass protests, no lawyers rushing to our sides to represent us pro bono! The system is not designed to keep families together. To Unify families. Just leave and everything will get better. Perhaps financially for side-liner spectators of our plight, BUT Victims and Survivors take on a different fight to sustain in society with rhetoric keeping Domestic Violence an inconsistent narrative in the news. 


So, what about DOMESTIC VIOLENCE VICTIMS AND SURVIVORS? Do we really matter to the general public, government, and people who yell "Just leave!"?   That remains to be heard, and of course, seen. 


After reading the final word on Trump's Supreme Court pick, exhausted, I resigned with a few revelations:  SOMETIMES WE ARE DISTRACTED FROM ISSUES THAT DIRECTLY IMPACT US. PICK YOUR BATTLES WISELY. NOT EVERY FIGHT IS YOUR FIGHT.  


Like the veterans in this country, Domestic Violence victims and survivors are left to our own devices to stay alive, and survive with bare bone minimums, and a resounding, "stay safe." Where's the justice in that?   There is none which is why I will continue to self-advocate, support, encourage, and share information/knowledge with fellow survivors and victims, whatever is necessary to avoid becoming just another domestic violence and or homeless statistical data point in America. 








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