Look Back To Move Ahead

Sometimes life takes us off course when we least expect a derailment that is not in our control. External forces gravitate to us and miraculously suck us back into the abyss of confusion, chaos, and drama.

Then the echoes of toxic memories bubble to the surface: "Misery Loves Company." "If they're not happy, no one else is going to be happy." Then we fight internally to convince ourselves by saying "Never again." "I've moved on." Yup. I've said that too! It's been said, "The more we say something the more we are are likely to believe it." That being said, the irony of how we find ourselves right back in Social Drama lockdown is unsettling! Social Drama is the adverse affect of co-existing vicariously in someone else's inner conflicts.

Social Drama is not totally a terrible place to be because it presents an opportunity for us to plant new seeds of life in our hearts and minds, and be still long enough to cultivate them with positive thoughts to help us grow out of and away from toxic situations.

The beauty in the ugly mess of blooming confusion, chaos, and drama, all by products of Social Drama, is that we can use our moment of discontent to reflect on accomplishments and act on the idea of becoming a better version of ourselves in order to push through and onward.

It doesn't matter the why, when, and where of our circumstance. What's important is how we look back to stay on track and push forward with resilience. Perhaps one day we can say with conviction: Been there. Done that. Got tired of it. Washed and dried my hands of it. Now I'm turning it over to a higher power so I can move on and upward in peace!

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