Violence is Violence

As you may know I cover the topics of Domestic Violence and Violence in both of my realistic novels, Guilty Pleasures and My Body Is Calling, and soon my third hybrid novel, I Love Him But.

In reflecting on 2016, the year has been marred with all levels of crime including hate crimes, police brutality, sexual assaults, and child abuse. Women, children, and urban settings seemingly the most vulnerable victims/target areas. That being said, we as individual are responsible for our choices. Therefore, we must take personal responsibility and be held accountable for the consequences of our decisions to act, at times impulsively.

Change for the greater good starts with the individual, each one of us. If one truly wants to change, he or she must change from inside out, just as one heals from inside out. Also, bystanders, what we tolerate will continue to erode the moral fiber of society from inside out. Apathy, judging and criticizing efforts of advocates and law enforcement, or lack thereof, empowers wrong doers to plot, plan and execute their next crime. Hence, the cycle of violence continues to negatively impact generation after generation, and breed more criminals.

The moral of my reflection: IT'S ON US to make a difference, and be the difference we want to see in the pursuit of peace, equity, justice, unity, equality, respect, trust, dignity, and humility. Whether we choose to take action publicly, privately, collaboratively, or individually, there is no one definitive solution to remedy destructive behavior. However, the common denominator has and will always be mankind facing the man in the mirror and embracing the concept of changing for the greater good.

Let's start there. Or am I just naive?

Sonya Harris

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