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Great morning! I was blessed and grateful to wake up this morning, yet saddened to hear of another killing in the community. But lately I've been reflecting on something my daughter has said to me many times, "Everyday I hear sirens. Everyday." She is becoming more aware of her environment.

Crime might not happen on our street, but we are still at risk. We are a nation at-risk.

Crime does not discriminate, as in the case of innocent bystanders who fall victim to bullets meant for another target. Most recent, the Codman Square shooting that claimed the life of Benine Timothee, 36, a mother who recently moved to America from Haiti to provide a better life for her children - according to her husband.

The irony of the life she escaped and her fate in America is enough to rattle the steeliest of souls.

Community awareness is key to unlocking the grip of violence, apathy, complacency, dissension and division that plagues our community.

What am I doing about it? I wrote about such issues in both realistic-fiction novels, Guilty Pleasures and My Body Is Calling. I speak to students about life choices, healthy choices, and their obligation to be an individual in a socially demanding society. I travel to promote reading/literacy and the message of community awareness, self awareness, health awareness, family and relationship conflict, domestic violence, and education.

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