A Trump Win Rescinds Campaign Mantra?

President-elect Trump is starting to reap the hate that was sown on his campaign's quest for the White House. He consciously cultivated the seed of hate, and might learn it's not as easy to uproot generational, instilled, taught, learned, and perpetuated HATE that has been the "elephant" in the room for decades. In fact, generational hate/racism/biases have been passed down the family tree like a cherished family heirloom.

In this recent interview, President-elect Trump (Trump) appears to be in Phase 1 of backtracking on his campaign's mantra: "Make America Great Again". Though I continue to ponder How could a country that enslaved an entire race of people be great "again"?

Yet, Trump doesn't appear genuine in the interview when he says, "Stop it!" to the racist rants and harassment, which don't differ from when President Obama was elected as the first Black president. Racists were anti-Obama in 2008-present. I would like to know why suddenly they feel empowered to blatantly attack people of color? Is it because President-elect Trump is white, and they THINK HIS pedigree will exempt them from prosecution? That's plausible, but not likely given the level of protests in this country, and vigilant eyes that are watching.

If Trump promotes peace and harmony, his constituents (majority probably living at or below the poverty line) will learn they've been hoodwinked and steered far right for the vote. Imagine their rude awakening: America might implode.

Someone suggested that President Obama should hold a joint press conference with Trump to tell America let's love each other again. How gratuitous that would be. President Obama did not incite near race riots on the campaign trail. President-elect Trump is already doing on the job damage control. I, personally, don't think Trump expected the electorate to elect him, but it did. Now President-elect Trump must close the racial divide and promote harmony while President Obama dances his way out the White House - literally.


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