What's For You Is For You.

This message is timely and deeply resonates with me as I continue my authorship journey with a mission to foster, raise, and promote self awareness and health awareness, and soon domestic violence awareness through literature.

If you're a spiritual person, then you know if we ask Him, He will reveal all when we need to see it and know it. In the interim, He prepares us for the reception of reality that manifests in our lives DAILY. We have to be emotionally and mentally sound to receive it, process it, and DIGEST it in order to continue moving forward with the faith that He's got your back!

To all dreamers, passion warriors, and artistic soldiers, find a way to make what ever you aspire to accomplish your reality and do it to your satisfaction. Share with people who genuinely want to receive it. Utilize negative energy as fuel to propel your hopes and dreams forward. Remember: What's for you will always be for you. It's already in the master plan.

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