Women's Health Matters

Why are candidates ignoring women's health? Could it be due to political party-in fighting, or the more pressing issue of ....I don't know...maybe the Supreme Court seat that balanced the scales of justice following the sudden death of Justice Scalia?

According to the New York Times Op-Ed piece awareness around cervical cancer, unplanned pregnancies, and the disturbing fact that every 8 hours a woman dies from domestic violence in this country, are not up for debate. Whatever the reason, the argument can be made for increased funding, research, and education to prevent the death of thousands of women affected by cervical cancer and domestic violence, as well as, provided resources to reduce unplanned pregnancies.

Article excerpt: When nearly a dozen women die a day of something so preventable — far more than are killed by, say, terrorism — you’d think we’d be urgently trying to save lives. In some ways we have made progress: Kudos to President Obama for making HPV vaccinations and cervical cancer screenings typically free.

Read the full article at this link.

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