Book Market Saturation (Blog article)

Writers and Aspiring Writers,

I thought this book industry-related article: Has The Book Industry Grown In A Good Way (link below) , by Brian Feinblum, might be of interest to you as a writer, someone aspiring to be published, and or those who want to write because they have a story to tell, information to share, and or want to write for fame and fortune.

The excerpts below sum up the gist of the article (IMO). Overall the article sheds light on the industry as a whole, market saturation, and competition due to an overwhelming selection of books to read. The article gives in-depth insight of the book market from corporate ownership to fostering a love for reading. So you want to write? You want to pen a bestseller straight off the press? You want to be a household brandname? Guess what?! So does the competition, and lots of it!!!

"Books still get published by a variety of forces, even if there is a concentration in a handful of big publishers. The existence of independent presses, university presses, and self-published authors with mass distribution allows for alternate voices and economic models to prevail. I think the biggest challenge to authors is not that a handful of huge publishers are run by corporations, but that there is so much competition amongst authors to be heard, discovered, and read. Whereas there was a time where consumers couldn’t find enough content that was diverse and fresh, it is now overwhelmed by choices, domestic and abroad.

We must hope that in coming years more people, here and abroad, will realize how dangerous it is to live in a culture with a limited choice of ideas and alternatives, and how essential it is to maintain a wide-ranging debate. In short, to remember how important books have always been in our lives.”

END Link: BookMarketingBuzzBlog: Has The Book Industry Grown In A Good Way?

My take away continues to echo: "Be proactive, be creative, find a niche, and be passionate. To write a book is no small feat, so do not be discouraged in an oversaturated field of dreams!"

Happy to share,

Sonya Harris

Self-Published and Independent Publisher

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