Sonya Harris is preparing to release her first non-fiction Inspirational book: TRUTHS - Quotes, Affirmations, and Vignettes to Inspire Self-Empowerment. She believes her book inspires you to step into your power and put action behind it to stay true to your values, boundaries, goals, the people you care about, and those you serve despite opinions, conflicts, and struggles as you move forward on your path in life. 

Sonya Harris is also the author of realistic fiction books Guilty Pleasures, a Phenomenal & Outstanding African American Fiction award winner.   And, My Body Is Calling, recognized with the African-American Expo Achievement Award in 2016, for “…helping to enrich our community both culturally and creatively.”
Sonya writes to raise self-awareness and health-awareness one book at a time. Her vision of inspiring empowerment fuels her passion for writing and serving others through literature.  She hopes the messages of self-awareness, self-love, self-care, and self-preservation will influence healthy life choices for readers. 

Sonya supports education, community, and domestic violence initiatives. She is a "thriving (DV) survivor," and a long-time Promising Pen Pal with the James P. Timilty Middle School student letter exchange program.In June 2020, she was a guest speaker on SAYge Link's racial injustice forum, sharing her unique experience with microaggression in corporate America and offering thoughts and forward-moving solutions for police reform and individual self-empowerment.  In 2012, Sonya was honored during Women's History Month for her commitment to excellence in education, scholarship, and leadership in the community. Sonya presented self-awareness workshops at Mother Caroline Academy, Grlz Radio of Boston, and a women's transitional program in New York. She also facilitated a writer's workshop at Rosie's Place for underserved women who aspire to write.  And she is committed to engaging in more opportunities to serve, enlighten, inspire, and empower.  

Sonya attended Boston Public Schools (K-12). She graduated with honors and earned a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration from Emmanuel College, a Masters in Education and Transformation from UMASS Boston, and a Certificate in Domestic Violence training.

When Sonya is not writing, she enjoys reading, crafting, gardening, traveling, solitude, and spending quality time with her daughter. She also volunteers for Black Girls Code and Salvation Army whenever she can answer a call for duty.


Mom. Author. Educator. Mentor. Speaker.

In front of every inspired girl is an empowered woman moving forward boldly in her truth. 

"There are only two mistakes one can make along the road to truth: Not going all the way, and not starting." -Gautama Buddha 

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